Repairing HP w1907 LCD monitor

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This is another case of a capacitor problem with Hewlett Packard HP w1907 LCD monitor. When we turn the LCD monitor on, it would come on, but then immediately turn itself off. The LCD monitor model number is RK283AA.

HP w1907

HP w1907

Among the several LCD monitors we have worked on, this was the hardest to open. First, remove the stand. There are two tabs on the lower right and left of the monitor. Pry them open, and go all around the LCD monitor removing the plastic back shell from the front bezel.

HP w1907 opened up

Now you will notice the big problem. For whatever reason, instead of screws they used rivets to attach the metal cover to the power supply and the circuit boards. Rivets make everything harder. Remove four screws on the sides of the LCD panel.

The LCD panel will now separate from the main panel, however the ribbon cable is glued and we could not safely detach it from the LCD panel. However, if somebody else is holding the metal frame, the circuit board is visible now and can be unscrewed from the metal frame.

Fully opened up

There was one capacitor that was bad. 1000 uF rated at 25 Volts. There isn’t a lot of clearance to de-solder the old capacitor and solder the new one. This is a good time to utilize obscene words. But it is do-able. :)

Bad Capacitor

Put everything back together, and the LCD monitor is good to go.

Bad Capacitor

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5 Responses to Repairing HP w1907 LCD monitor

  1. austin says:

    Thank you.

  2. Ted Marks says:

    you are pointing to a 470/25 the one to the left of that is 1000/25

  3. Nano Technician says:

    Gives me another 6 years for my monitor :) Thanks for posting.

  4. Rod_SJ says:

    My caps didn’t look swollen or leaking.
    Some ppl at the above link, swapped the leads for the 2 backlight bulbs.
    Worked for me too.

  5. Goofball says:

    Monitor goes off after 1 second when pushing power button. It takes 10 pushes or on off cycles to get it to stay on. Don’t really want to open it up until I must but appreciate all the information presented here..

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