Repairing HP f1905 LCD Monitor

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HP f1905 LCD Monitor

I ended up with this HP f1905 LCD Monitor that was broken. The problem was that although it was plugged into a wall outlet, it was as if no power was going into the monitor at all. On/Off button did absolutely nothing. No lights or any sign of power anywhere on the HP LCD monitor.

I fixed this monitor by replacing four capacitors. I am documenting the procedure here so that it might be helpful to somebody. The HP f1905 LCD monitor is working fine now.

Opening up the HP f1905 LCD Monitor

Remove the snap-on plastic cover on the back of the monitor. You will see 5 screws securing the base to the back of the monitor. Remove the screws and the base.

To remove the plastic back cover use a flat edge screwdriver and go around the four sides of the monitor separating the back cover from the front bezel.

At the bottom of the monitor you will see three screws. Removing the screws will allow you to remove the front bezel.

Remove four screws attaching the LCD panel to the main metal structure: two on the right hand side and the other two on the left hand side of the LCD panel. Now the LCD panel will come loose, but there are several cables connected to it.

Now you can see two circuit boards in the main metal structure. The bigger one in the center is the power supply circuit board. Remove four screws, and the grounding screw. Although there are no other screws holding the board and the board seems loose, it still will not come out until you remove a plastic cover right above where the power cable attaches to the monitor. Remove the power circuit board by pulling it straight out vertically.

Replacing the Capacitors

In the picture below, the red arrows are pointing to the bulging capacitors, the yellow arrows are pointing to the remaining three similar good capacitors. All of the capacitors are 25 DCV 1000 uF capacitors.

Capacitor Locations

Capacitor Locations

Good Capacitors (removed from a TV)

New Capacitors

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  1. Brady says:

    Thanks so much for posting the pics. I had forgotten to label the 4 wiring harnesses shown in your second pic ;-)

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