Paragliding at Pacific City

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In early 1996 I decided to take the Three Capes scenic drive at the coast to the south of Tillamook. If you continue to drive south on that road, you get to Pacific City. When I got there I parked the car and decided to check out the beach. It was a beautiful beach with huge sand dunes. I noticed about half a dozen people with paragliders practicing. I asked the instructor if I could take this class, and he said “Yes”.

The following week I was on the same beach learning the basics. On that day I was hooked on paragliding. Throughout that summer my routine every weekend was the same: I checked in with the instructor early Saturday morning. If the wind speed was anywhere from 4mph to 9mph we would meet in Pacific City on the beach, otherwise I was free to do anything else that weekend.

We spend about 4 hours from 10AM to about 2PM practicing how to control the canopy and paraglide down from nearby sand dune peaks. After the landing you have to fold the paraglider and climb back up all the way to the top again. Lot of exercise!

After we were all done we would drive to a nearby park and clean the sand out of the paragliders. This took about another hour.

One time I took my camera with me and asked the instructor to take a picture of me. It turns out that he was also a photographer and took the following amazing sequence with my camera. I was totally impressed.

pix from 1996parascan0127p4.jpg.

pix from 1996parascan0127p3.jpg.

pix from 1996parascan0128p2.jpg.

pix from 1996parascan0128p1.jpg.

pix from 1996parascan0128p3.jpg.

pix from 1996parascan0128p4.jpg.
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