Mazda truck EV conversion 4

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More Parts Needed

To continue with the project, I needed more parts. When I made a trip to Bob’s Metals, it turned out to be my lucky day. A power plant nearby was decommissioned and there were lots of scrapped electrical parts from the power plant. I bought 36 lbs of parts you see in the pictures below: gauges,relays, capacitors, power bridge rectifiers, transformers, switches, and heavy wires. All for $18 total.

All of them worked without any problems.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5421.jpg.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5422.jpg.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5423.jpg.

Charging Port

There was no need for the gas compartment any more, so after I took out the gas tank, I installed an electrical plug that will fit into a standard extension chord. You can see the modification in the pictures below.

pix from 2008mazdaEVOriginal Configuration

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5429.jpg.

Pictures after the modification.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5442.jpg.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5443.jpg.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5444.jpg.

Wiring Diagram

The picture below shows the block wiring diagram. There are two battery banks of 10 battery each. In the ‘Run’ mode, they are wired in series to produce about 240 volts DC. In the ‘Charge’ mode, each battery bank is charged separately from a simple rectifier. In the regeneration mode, the Hitachi controller provides the power and this power is redirected into batteries via 2 diodes.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_7576.jpg.

I used an old extension chord to carry the power from the truck bed and the charging port into the engine compartment of the truck. I connected all three wires together to increase the current carrying capacity. Here are few pictures showing these wires.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5445.jpg.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5446.jpg.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5438.jpg.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5439.jpg.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5440.jpg.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5441.jpg.

One of the switches I picked up from Bob’s Metals was a two-position switch with many connections. I wired them in parallel so it can carry enough current. Here are few pictures showing the switch.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5433.jpg.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5434.jpg.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5435.jpg.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5436.jpg.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5437.jpg.

Connected the batteries.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5461.jpg.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5462.jpg.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5465.jpg.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5466.jpg.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_6645.jpg.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_6646.jpg.

Switches and Gauges

The switch on the left has two positions: ‘Charge’ and ‘Run’. The switch on the right is connected to the Hitachi controller to spin the motor forward or backward. The interesting side effect of this switch is that it is possible to drive the truck backwards while in first or second gear by flipping this switch. You could also put the gear in reverse and drive forward with the same switch. ICE engines spin only in one direction.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_5464.jpg.

There are two analog meters on the right far side: The one on the right displays the voltage, the one on the left displays current.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_6649.jpg.

pix from 2008mazdaEV100_6650.jpg.
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