2011 Auto Show Pictures

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I was not planning on going to a car show this year.  It turned out that it was “Teacher’s Work Day” for my son Kubi, which meant that he did not have to go to school on Friday.  So I had scheduled a FreeGeek time for us from 3PM to 7PM to build computers.  But since the car show was very close to FreeGeek, I thought I would drop him off at FreeGeek, and go to car show on my own.  This idea worked fine.  The only problem was finding a good place to park my truck.

pix from 2011autoHere we go!  Starting with SAAB and Lincoln.  These are luxury cars and accordingly you are going to get a gas milage something like what is shown below.   This car looked very big.  On the upside I think your survival rate in case of an accident would be very high.

pix from 2011auto2011 Lincoln

pix from 2011autoHere is a Mitsubishi all electric van i-MIEV, however when I inquired about it, I found out that it was not for sale in the USA yet.

pix from 2011auto

Here is how the instrument panel looks like for the latest model of Mini.  I always liked this car.  Everything inside is roundish and original.  It is like Apple computer of cars.  2011 Mini.

pix from 2011autoOutside of 2011 Mini.

pix from 2011autoContinuing with luxury cars, 2011 Lexus gas mileage.

pix from 2011autoSubaru had this display to show their drive train being different and perhaps better.

pix from 2011auto2011 Truck drive train.

pix from 2011auto2011 Subaru symmetrical all wheel drive.

pix from 2011autoMazda had a few race cars.  Here is one.

pix from 2011autoHere is another Mazda race car.

pix from 2011autoHere is another.  By the way, Mazda also had a gaming center.  And of course there were many children playing games inside.

pix from 2011autoNow we are looking at 2011 Toyota vehicles.  This one is 2011 Prius.

pix from 2011autoWonderful gas mileage, but notice what is interesting: city gas mileage higher than highway mpg.

pix from 2011autoHere is 2011 Chevy Volt, it was on a rotating platform so you couldn’t just sit in it and play with dials and such.  This is a hybrid car, but with a pretty amazing technology, and perhaps lot more things to go wrong in it?  Also the price is pretty steep.  Is it worth it?  Maybe for you, but definitely not for me.

pix from 2011auto2011 Chevy Volt.  It does look nice!

pix from 2011autoHere is 2011 Chevy Mustang.  Good old days.

pix from 2011autoI did not include the picture here but there was Chevy Aveo on the floor.  The car you see on the platform in the picture above looked very similar to Aveo and when I asked the girl on the platform about it, she said the Aveo was being discontinued and replaced with a new brand.  Actually this makes a lot of sense, because Aveo had lots of problems, and perhaps the brand name was unsalvagable.

pix from 2011autoHere is 2011 Honda.

pix from 2011auto2011 Honda family van.

pix from 2011auto2011 Honda gas mileage, not bad.

pix from 2011autoHere is a game changer: the first commercial all electric vehicle at a reasonable price.  2011 Nissan Leaf.  The question is: will it be successful?

pix from 2011autoUnder the hood it looks like a gasoline engine. (2011 Nissan Leaf).

pix from 2011autoHeadlights are awesome. (2011 Nissan Leaf).

pix from 2011autoNotice that there is no stick shift inside. (2011 Nissan Leaf).

pix from 2011autoPortland Auto Show had a new area called Eco Center this year.  In this new area there were eco friendly products on display.  Arcimoto is a very small auto company (perhaps one man show, I don’t know).  The pictures show all electric 3 wheeled vehicle with special lighting effects.

pix from 2011autoHere is how the backside looks like.

pix from 2011auto2011 Arcimoto rear wheel.

pix from 2011auto2011 Honda mileage.

pix from 2011auto2011 Honda.

pix from 2011autoGuess what this car is?

pix from 2011autoIt is all electric sports car, 2011 TESLA.  Super Cool!

pix from 2011autoIt is an awesome car, I want one of these NOW!

pix from 2011autoWhite Zombie.  It beat all other cars in drag racing, electric OR gasoline!

pix from 2011autoWhite Zombie engine compartment.

pix from 2011autoWhite Zombie side view.

pix from 2011autoWhite Zombie brains in the trunk.

pix from 2011autoEvery year they have one of these.  If you can guess what this crumpled car was, you can win something in the drawing.  Make a guess.

pix from 2011autoModel 4 wheel drive trucks.   Remote Controlled.

pix from 2011autoIf you can get it down that slope.  But I didn’t see any that made it.

pix from 2011autoThey kept falling.

pix from 2011autoIt was too dark to take pictures so I gave up.

pix from 2011autoHere is an interesting car from way waaaay back.  1956 Isetta BMW.

pix from 2011autoIt is an amazing gas mileage.

pix from 2011auto2011 Lotus.

pix from 2011auto2011 Lotus.

pix from 2011auto100_7320.jpg.

pix from 2011auto100_7321.jpg.

pix from 2011auto2011 Porsche

pix from 2011auto2011 Porsche Gas mileage, but why would you be worried about this?

pix from 2011auto100_7324.jpg.

pix from 2011auto2011 Ferrari, but lighting was not good.

pix from 2011auto2011 Ducati motorcycles.

pix from 2011auto2011 Ducati motorcycles.

pix from 2011autoYours truly, Nev!

pix from 2011autoAmanda, Panda!

pix from 2011autoKubi the clown!

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