2010 Auto Show

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This year both Kubi and Amanda came to the Auto Show. That is because Lisa won free
tickets to the show from some activity in the library for the whole family, but she did not want to go.  I gave the extra tickets to some lucky family in front of the ticket counters.

pix from 2010autoAmanda is busy testing the cars.

pix from 2010autoBut the legs are not long enough for the gas pedal.

pix from 2010autoKubi is testing if the door opens.

pix from 2010auto100_6949.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2010autoWhat is he doing?

pix from 2010auto100_6951.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2010autoHi dad!

pix from 2010autoAmanda is testing another car.

pix from 2010auto100_6954.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2010autoNow this is more her size.  NOT!

pix from 2010auto100_6956.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2010autoNow they are both testing a big truck.

pix from 2010auto100_6958.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2010autoThis is a cop car.  See how it feels to get ready for jail.

pix from 2010auto100_6960.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2010autoThis is a real fast race car.

pix from 2010auto100_6962.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2010autoSlow down missy!

pix from 2010autoTime for the crumpled car.

pix from 2010auto100_6965.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2010autoClose up of the crumpled car.

At this point everybody was miserable and tired and we all decided to go home.

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