2009 Electrothon

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Electrothon is an annual event about light weight alternative vehicles, but I have never been to one before. Here is some pictures from 2009 event.

pix from 2009electrothonThere were number of recumbent bikes.  Here is one.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5959.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5960.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5961.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5962.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5963.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5964.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5965.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5966.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5967.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothonProblem with some of these bikes is that the wheelbase is very long.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5969.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5970.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5971.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5972.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5973.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5974.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5975.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5976.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5977.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5978.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5979.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5980.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5981.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5982.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5983.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5984.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5985.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5986.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5987.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5988.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5989.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5990.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5991.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5992.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5993.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5994.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5995.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5996.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5997.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_5998.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothonThese are the people who will race.

pix from 2009electrothonrace.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6001.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6002.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6003.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon

The idea here is to reduce the air resistance as much as possible.

pix from 2009electrothonBut, he didn’t do too well.  Maybe he couldn’t put lot of force on the padels

pix from 2009electrothon100_6006.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6007.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6008.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6009.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6010.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6011.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6012.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothonI don’t know why this picture is here.

pix from 2009electrothonVehicle made out of bar stool.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6015.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6016.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6017.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6018.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6019.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6020.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6021.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6022.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6023.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothonFolding bicycle.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6025.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6026.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100_6027.jpg.

pix from 2009electrothon100B6030.jpg.

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