2006 Auto Show

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This year we went as far as the lego car and that was it. We got stuck
by the lego car. There was no way to see anything else. And then we
left. :)

pix from 2006auto100_1287.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2006auto100_1288.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2006auto100_1290.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2006auto100_1292.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2006auto100_1293.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2006auto100_1294.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2006auto100_1295.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2006auto100_1296.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2006auto100_1297.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2006auto100_1298.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2006auto100_1299.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2006autokubicar.JPG.jpg.

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