2005 Auto Show

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We spent lot of time in the motorcycle area this year. Of course we had to
also spend time in the children’s area with the toy electric cars. Towards
the end he was not too happy so we had to leave.

pix from 2005autoAGF00001.jpg.

pix from 2005autoagf00002.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00003.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00004.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00005.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00006.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00007.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00008.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00009.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00010.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00011.jpg.


pix from 2005autoAGF00013.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00014.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00015.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00016.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00017.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00018.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00019.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00020.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00021.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00022.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00023.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00024.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00025.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00026.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00027.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00028.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00029.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00030.jpg.

pix from 2005autoAGF00031.jpg.

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