2004 Auto Show

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Not too many pictures of cars this year, since Kubi wanted to ride toy cars in
the childrens area. There was also a robot (with a human inside) we had to
follow around.

pix from 2004autoParking Lot

pix from 2004autoagf00002.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2004autoAGF00003.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2004autoAGF00004.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2004autoAGF00005.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2004autoAGF00006.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2004autoAGF00007.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2004autoAGF00008.JPG.jpg.

pix from 2004autoRobot 1

pix from 2004autoRobot 2
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