2003 Auto Show

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Here is the pictures from 2003 Portland Auto Show. This year I also video taped part of
the show. I will include it here at some point.

Also you can see the first electric car in this show, the three wheeled vehicle below.

pix from 2003auto3wheels.jpg.

pix from 2003autocar1.jpg.

pix from 2003autocar2.jpg.

pix from 2003autocar3.jpg.

pix from 2003autocar4.jpg.

pix from 2003autocar5.jpg.

pix from 2003autocar6.jpg.

pix from 2003autocar7.jpg.

pix from 2003autocar_k1.jpg.

pix from 2003autocar_k2.jpg.

pix from 2003autocar_k3.jpg.

pix from 2003autocar_k4.jpg.

pix from 2003autocar_k5.jpg.

pix from 2003autocar_k6.jpg.

pix from 2003autocar_k7.jpg.

pix from 2003autocar_n1.jpg.

pix from 2003autoferrari.jpg.

pix from 2003autoferrari_K.jpg.

pix from 2003autohummer2.jpg.

pix from 2003autohummer.jpg.

pix from 2003autojeep.jpg.

pix from 2003autolamborghini.jpg.
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