2002 Auto Show

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You can see from the pictures that Kubi is pretty happy at this age and trying different cars.
All in all pretty good experience.

pix from 2002autoImage01.jpg.

pix from 2002autoImage02.jpg.

pix from 2002autoImage03.jpg.

pix from 2002autoImage04.jpg.

pix from 2002autoImage05.jpg.

pix from 2002autoImage06.jpg.

pix from 2002autoImage07.jpg.

pix from 2002autoImage08.jpg.

pix from 2002autoImage09.jpg.

pix from 2002autoImage10.jpg.

pix from 2002autoImage11.jpg.

pix from 2002autoImage12.jpg.

pix from 2002autoImage13.jpg.

pix from 2002autoImage14.jpg.
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