2015 Portland Auto Show Pictures

Another year, another auto show. Last year I was too sick to go anywhere. This year is another story. Actually this is more like Amanda having fun than what is new in cars.

IMG_20150208_131005.jpgMain Lobby

IMG_20150208_125514.jpgMostly waiting in line

All the kiddy stuff was very close to the entrance. We spent lot of time there, mostly Amanda waiting in line. Standard answer to whenever I said “Let’s go now” was “Just one more time Dad!”.


Right across the bouncy thingy was the place to get tattoos, if you waited long enough for it. I thought we should at least see some cars before more “waiting in line”.

IMG_20150208_130236.jpgMain Entrance


We started at the downstairs, counterclockwise. Auto accessories company DUB took some floor space. They sell things like polishers, wheels, things of that nature.



This camper looked like a military vehicle and it was huge. Note the large screen TV on the side of the camper.





IMG_20150208_133712.jpgKia Simulator

IMG_20150208_134514.jpgAmanda on Kia Simulator

IMG_20150208_134913.jpgTaking a little break

Green Vehicles Area


IMG_20150208_140019.jpgSolar City

IMG_20150208_140043.jpgFord Fusion

IMG_20150208_140130.jpgFord Fusion Specs

IMG_20150208_140412.jpgNissan Leaf

IMG_20150208_140354.jpgNissan Leaf Specs



Exotic Cars Upstairs

IMG_20150208_141344.jpgAudi RS5

IMG_20150208_141515.jpgAudi Q5

IMG_20150208_141617.jpgPorsche 2015 Cayman GTS

IMG_20150208_141647.jpgPorsche 2015 Cayman GTS Specs

Only $96000 will put you in this car.

IMG_20150208_141748.jpgPorsche 2015 911 Turbo S

IMG_20150208_141759.jpgPorsche 2015 911 Turbo S Specs


IMG_20150208_142246.jpgTest Driving Mercedes Convertible

IMG_20150208_142147.jpgMercedes 2015 E400 Cabrio Specs



IMG_20150208_142551.jpgMaserati Specs

IMG_20150208_142726.jpgOK, we are done with cars

IMG_20150208_143603.jpgMore weeee..

IMG_20150208_152910.jpgMore wait in line to get this tattoo

IMG_20150208_150446.jpgNow wait in line to get a balloon from the balloon guy

IMG_20150208_152928.jpgHere is the balloon

We are on the MAX line going back home..

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