Easy Cable Management for Desk

Very recently I got a new desk and I had to start on the very daunting task of moving all my computers, monitors and speakers. Normally this is a pretty simple task but when you have more then one computer and 2 screens, things get many times more complicated. Also I want it to look nice. With so many computers and stuff to plug in there is a massive amount of wires that have to somehow be stashed somewhere out of sight. I found a good way to do this. It is pretty simple too.

Under my desk there are lots of screws that bolt the two sides together in the middle. Also I had gotten a big bag of a hundred or so black clips to clip potato chip bags closed. What I did was take the clips and use the screws to bolt them to the bottom of the desk. Then it is simple to route all the wires through the clips. Then if you or someone else glances under the desk there isn’t a single wire in sight. All the cables are kept up and out of the way. This also helps because then you have plenty of space under your desk for your feet. Your foot doesn’t get tangled around a cable and yanks something unplugged. This type of cable management is simple and takes less then 10 minutes depending on how much hardware you have.

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  1. What a simple yet brilliant idea for wire management. Actually there are no need of any professional accessories and tools for managing a few wires of our daily need. I Liked it !

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