The Impossible Game

This is a game that I made for a game design class last year. I thought it was cool. It is supposed to be extremely difficult, but it is possible (if you get stuck on a level, I assure you it is possible to win). I am guessing that 95% of you wont make it past the second or third level. I know that there are some glitches and the animations are kind of poor, that is because this isn’t really something that I spent a huge amount of time on. I just made it in a few classes as a project. After challenging my friends to playing it one of them recommended that I put it online so here it is. You will need Adobe Flash Player to be able to see it. Just click on the link below.

W A S D keys to move

space bar to respawn

try to get to the flag, touch the flag to win

I will be updating this blog more now

I have kind of forgot about this blog for a while. Also I have had school and many other things going on so I haven’t had too much time but I will try to keep this updated. Check back soon for more useful ┬áposts. I am working on writing a post on how to root a sprint EVO 3d and install custom roms so if you have interest in rooting android phones it will have some useful information. Don’t forget to check back soon.


Welcome to my blog. I will be updating it frequently. I will make posts about all the projects I do in my spare

time and much more. Make sure to check back soon when It has more on it.