Changing the SSH Port Number in OS X Mavericks

If a computer is going to be accessible from outside an internal LAN, the computer must be secure from hackers. Changing the Default port that SSH runs on won’t necessarily prevent a determined hacker from gaining access, but it will stop the majority of automated bots and scripts that will try to gain access. If you need to have access to a system while out and about, SSH can be useful. It can be used to grab files from the computer, and to backup files to the computer from a remote location. While at school I can backup all of my projects to my computer using SSH instead of having to use Dropbox or Google Drive.


First enable SSH from the sharing tab under system preferences. It is the option called Remote Login.

By default SSH will run on port 22. To change this on Mavericks or Mountain Lion you just have to run this script. It will let you choose what port you want it to run on. I did not make this script and I do not claim any credit for making it. I just found that it worked well and decided to make a little guide on how to use it.

Run the following command ignoring the quotation marks. This will download the script from the developers site and run it.


“bash <(curl -Ls”


It will ask you which port you want to run SSH on, I would recommend anything above 1000. It will ask you to enter an administrators password, once you enter it, the port will be changed. To reset the port to 22, just enter 22 as the port to set it to using the same script. If you have any questions just leave a comment here, and if this helped you, remember to keep checking back for more helpful posts.

How to change the HBOOT version on a EVO 3D

After I rooted my EVO  3D I wanted to install a custom rom. I searched for hours but could not find out how to change the HBOOT version. To flash CM10 you have to downgrade to HBOOT 1.5 or lower. I was on 1.58 so it would not be compatible. To be able to do this you have to be rooted, have 4EXT recovery and have S-OFF. Also you need to have a micro sd card and a way of deleting a file off it from another device. If you have a micro sd to full size sd adapter it will work fine.

Just get an adapter like this and it will work. This one came with my sd card when I bought it.

Once you have all this stuff  download the HBOOT version that you want to flash to. I will include download links in the bottom of this post. Rename it to and copy it to the root of the sd card. To copy it just copy it like you would copy and other file. Then turn off the phone completely. and hold power and volume down to go into bootloader mode.

Make sure that is says S-OFF like in the picture below. This is required. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE S-OFF DO NOT FLASH THIS FILE. if you do have S-OFF then when it scans the sd card for PG86IMG say yes to update. use the volume buttons to move up and down and press the power button to select. If it doesn’t scan for the zip file then just press power to select bootloader mode and then it will.

Once you flash the zip file then turn off the phone. Put the sd card into the adapter and use a laptop (or any other device) to delete the PG86IMG file. Then go into recovery and flash your rom. This is one of my first posts so it may be kind of hard to understand. If you have any trouble just leave me a comment and I’ll try to reply as soon as I can. Also I have to say that this stuff worked for me but there is no guarantee that it will work for you so it helps to have a understanding of phones and rooting before trying this. I had no troubles but just like anything else that involves flashing a file this has a possibility of bricking your phone.



The Impossible Game

This is a game that I made for a game design class last year. I thought it was cool. It is supposed to be extremely difficult, but it is possible (if you get stuck on a level, I assure you it is possible to win). I am guessing that 95% of you wont make it past the second or third level. I know that there are some glitches and the animations are kind of poor, that is because this isn’t really something that I spent a huge amount of time on. I just made it in a few classes as a project. After challenging my friends to playing it one of them recommended that I put it online so here it is. You will need Adobe Flash Player to be able to see it. Just click on the link below.

W A S D keys to move

space bar to respawn

try to get to the flag, touch the flag to win

I will be updating this blog more now

I have kind of forgot about this blog for a while. Also I have had school and many other things going on so I haven’t had too much time but I will try to keep this updated. Check back soon for more useful  posts. I am working on writing a post on how to root a sprint EVO 3d and install custom roms so if you have interest in rooting android phones it will have some useful information. Don’t forget to check back soon.

Easy Cable Management for Desk

Very recently I got a new desk and I had to start on the very daunting task of moving all my computers, monitors and speakers. Normally this is a pretty simple task but when you have more then one computer and 2 screens, things get many times more complicated. Also I want it to look nice. With so many computers and stuff to plug in there is a massive amount of wires that have to somehow be stashed somewhere out of sight. I found a good way to do this. It is pretty simple too.

Under my desk there are lots of screws that bolt the two sides together in the middle. Also I had gotten a big bag of a hundred or so black clips to clip potato chip bags closed. What I did was take the clips and use the screws to bolt them to the bottom of the desk. Then it is simple to route all the wires through the clips. Then if you or someone else glances under the desk there isn’t a single wire in sight. All the cables are kept up and out of the way. This also helps because then you have plenty of space under your desk for your feet. Your foot doesn’t get tangled around a cable and yanks something unplugged. This type of cable management is simple and takes less then 10 minutes depending on how much hardware you have.

Hard Drive Shortage

The prices of hard drives has skyrocketed in the past month. Last month it was possible to buy a 1TB hard drive for $50-55. As of now, on Newegg the same hard drive now sells for $129.99. That is about a 150% increase in less then a month. All this increase in price has happened because there has been a storm in Thailand. Thailand produces 25% of the world’s hard drives and due to the storm there was a big flood. It is expected that the prices will stay high for at least 2 quarters.

Hitachi 50V500 LCD Rear Projection TV

This Hitachi TV apparently had a lot of problems with the light engine. The UV rays from the lamp is shined through the lcd panels. In the light engine the LCD panels weren’t sufficiently cooled so a cloud forms on one of the panels. In my case it was the red panel that got destroyed. There is only one fan that is made to cool the LCD panels. It is a blower type fan that is about 40mm or so in width. There is a grey fiber air filter over this fan that protects the intake. This air filter got clogged with dust after a few months of use. When this air filter is clogged so full of dust the fan cant suck in any air. When it cant suck in any air the LCD panels do not get cooled ; this leads to them being destroyed.

50V500 workingThis is a image I found of this TV when It worked. All the colors are setup right, there isn’t any cloud in the center of the screen or anything. This next picture is another one I found showing the problem with the big red cloud in the middle of the screen.

This whole problem is caused by a 0.5 inch smudge burned onto the red LCD panel. I learned that once this happens there isn’t really much you can do about it. The light engine would have to be replaced and that would cost a lot of money. Eventually it would just happen again anyways. When the panels get to hot then this happens. That’s why in this case the goal is to keep them as cool as possible. If it hasn’t happened yet it is preventable, but if it already happened, you have to replace the whole light engine.

Finally I got around to updating this post. I spent a lot of time on trying to fix this tv but in the end I was not successful. I took apart the whole TV to get some useful parts and when I was taking apart the light engine I discovered that the red blob was on a UV filter, not the panel itself. If I had refaced that one filter the whole problem would have been fixed. Now I have plenty of spare parts for this model and I can fix another TV with the same problem. Now I know that you just need to replace one little cheap filter instead of the whole light engine. I have learned a lot from this experience and I will try to fix more TV’s in the future.


Welcome to my blog. I will be updating it frequently. I will make posts about all the projects I do in my spare

time and much more. Make sure to check back soon when It has more on it.