Zalman CNPS-7700-CU Review

Posted: 28th February 2011 by admin in CPU Cooler reviews

Zalman CNPS-7700-CU


The Zalman CNPS-7700CU CPU cooler is a huge but silent cooler. From the picture it is hard to tell but it is massive. It is 136mm in diameter. That is about 5.35 inches. It is made up of a large number of copper plates in a flower formation with a 120mm silent low rpm fan in the middle. Because of its sheer size and amount copper that makes up this heatsink it weighs in at about 918 grams. This is way over the maximum weight stated for Intel retention sockets which could cause some issues. With the fan at full speed which is 2000rpm in generates about 32 dbA which is quite loud. That is why Zalman includes the fanmate 2 fan controller. With the fan controller its range of speed is 800-1800rpm. At its lowest setting what Zalman says is true, it is silent. I put my ear right next to it and I can’t hear any noise coming from it at all.

closer look

As this version is 918 grams it is super heavy and you should be super careful when moving your case if you have it. also it is kind of expensive at around $50 at Newegg. There is also a aluminum-copper version that is only 600grams and costs a lot less. Also this CPU cooler has a nice finish on the base, this is normal with Zalman brand coolers.

It comes with all the brackets to mount it on socket 775, 1155, 1156 and AMD 754, 939, and 940. The brackets securely hold it to the motherboard so the extra weight doesn’t damage anything. Even though it weighs so much I’ve never had a problem with it bending the motherboard or anything.


Although this heatsink was huge it still was relatively easy to install. Even someone who hasn’t installed an aftermarket heatsink before could manage it. I didn’t run into a single problem when I was installing it on a Intel socket 775 based motherboard.

first you just put the bracket on the motherboard which consists of a bottom plate and a top plate with screws holding it together.

Then you simply put the thermal paste on the CPU, and then you put the CPU cooler on the CPU and fasten the screws to the bracket and your done. Then to use the fanmate 2 controller you plug one end into the motherboard and one end into the fan you want to control. then you use the velcro to put the controller on the side or top of your case. The only problem with this CPU cooler is the fact that it might not fit on your motherboard or in your case.


I ran into a little problem with this testing part. I will try to fix it as soon as possible. This is the only motherboard I have that will fit this CPU cooler. It has a Pentium 4 560 which core-temp will not support so currently I can’t find a way to measure the temperatures. If anybody has a solution for this problem please leave a comment to give advice on how to get around this problem.

Cooler Master V6 Review

Posted: 26th February 2011 by admin in CPU Cooler reviews

Cooler Master V6


Cooler Master V6

I recently got the massive cpu cooler called the cooler master v6. This cooler is absolutely huge. I was testing it in a cooler master elite 430 black mid tower case and it hardly fit. It had just about 1 mm to spare.

Cooler Master makes advanced cpu coolers that have more features then the average coolers. The V series of coolers are designed to look like engines of a car. They did well on that since these coolers work and look awsome in the best of gaming systems. They also preform really well. This cpu cooler can handle up to 200W and can cool the hottest cpus including the i7 extreme and amd Phenom II X6 core processors without any difficulty.

The box on this cpu cooler is a lot bigger then the box for other heatsinks mainly due to the fact the cooler itself is so big. I dont happen to have a picture of it but on the front there is a picture of the cooler and on the back there are the specifications and the features of it.

On the inside there is the cooler wedged in between two pieces of blackish grey styrofoam. This keeps the heatsink fins from getting bent durring the shipping process. It comes with a single red LED 120mm fan installed on one side of it. The fan is held on by the two fan shrouds on either side of the heatsink. The fan shrouds are tooless so it is very easy to install fans and it has a overall cleaner look.

As you can see the top of this monstrous cooler has the same overall engine theme as the rest of the coolers in the V series. It has the name V6 and the Cooler Master logo on the oilcap. This is very similar to the V6 GT. The only differences is that the V6 GT has a colored LED stripe that runs on top of the cooler. Also the v6 has the copper heatpipes and base exposed while the V6 GT has the heatpipes and base nickel plated.

The Cooler Master V6 uses the same universal mounting bracket as the V6 GT. This consists of a backplate that is used no matter what and different front plates based on what platform it will go on.

The bracket works well but the only bad thing about it is that the screws dont stop turning when they are completely tightend so if you dont have much experience installing cpu coolers you have to be really carefull.

Specifications and Features


Model RR-V6SV-22PR-R1
CPU Socket Intel Socket LGA1366/1156/775

AMD Socket AM3/AM2+/AM2

Dimension 5.2 x 4.7 x 6.5″ (131.5 x 120 x 165 mm)
Weight Net Weight: 2.2 lbs (1.00kg)

Gross Weight: 2.49 lbs (1.13kg)

Heatsink Material Copper base / Aluminum fins / 6 heatpipes
Heatpipes Dimension Ø6 mm
Fan Dimension 4.7 x 4.7 x 1″ (120 x 120 x 25 mm)
Fan Speed 800 – 2200 RPM (PWM)
Fan Airflow 34.02 – 93.74 CFM
Fan Air Pressure 0.43 – 3.30 mmH2O
Fan Life Expectancy 40,000hrs / 25°C
Bearing Type DynaLoop™ Bearing
Connector 4-pins
Noise Level 15 – 38 dBA
Rated Voltage 12VDC
Start Voltage 6VDC
Operating Voltage 6 – 13.2 VDC
Rated Current 0.45A (0.7A Max.)
Input Power 5.4W (8.4W Max.)
Warranty 2 years
V series


  • Densely stacked asymmetrical tilted aluminum fins for awsome cooling performance.
  • “Double-V” heatpipe array helps spread out the six heatpipes to fully utilize the cooling fins on the cooler. It also allows airflow to reach each individual heatpipe as opposed to traditional coolers.
  • Clear red LED PWM fan with wide RPM range for total performance solution at high and low speed operation (optional 2nd fan) can be very quiet.
  • DynaLoop™ Bearing Fan: Innovated self-lubricating bearing mechanism decreases oil-loss commonly seen on sleeve bearing fans. Evolutionary wave blade fan provides tremendous airflow with steady pressure.
  • Snap-on cover to conveniently add a second fan if needed.


Athlon II X3 435 2.9GHz triple core processor