Beerverter Android App


Beerverter is a shopping app that is helpful in comparing prices of beverages like beer, wine, or soft drinks (soda, pop, tonic, seltzer, mineral water, etc).

For example, 5 gallon Cornelius keg of beer is selling for $50. How much the standard case price would be?

Tap at the Beer button at the top and type in 50 next to 'Cornelius 5 Gal'. You will see that the standard case of 24 x 12 oz bottles would be $22.50.

You can also see the equivalent prices for many other options like 6 pack, growler, etc.. It is also possible to compare prices of many varieties of short or long cases.

Wine is sold in metric units, the most common being 750ml standard wine bottle. You can compare wine prices by typing the price next to the package unit advertised.

Soft drinks are sold in a variety of packages. You can use the Wine screen to compare soft drink prices. In the near future, soft drink choices will be separated into its own screen.

Following units are available:

Other Features:


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How to use

When you first run the app, it will display a licence agreement. Just tap 'OK'. This is a standard licence agreement that limits liability.

Tap any of the boxes and type in a price. As you type in the price, all other boxes will be updated automatically. Press Back key to close the keypad.

Tap on the Beer button to pick standard beer packages. Tap on the Wine button to choose metric packages. It is true that soft drinks are sold in both standard and metric packages. Soft drinks will get their own screen in the next release.

Long press on any of the units to store it into a list. The most recent price is displayed at the top. Maximum of 20 prices are kept. After that, every time a new price is added to the list, the oldest one drops off the list.

The prices on the price list are color coded. The colors get darker as the price units get larger. For example, a Shot is colored lightest shade and the Homer is colored the darkest.

Privacy Policy

This app does not share personal information with third parties nor does it store any information about your use of the app or website visits. This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on April 5, 2013.

Tested On

Beerverter has been tested on the following devices:

Test Cases

First Run

When you first run the app, it will display the Licence Agreement. Tap on the Back button or Cancel Button. The app will close. Run it again and this time tap on 'OK'. Home screen will be displayed.

When you run the app again, the Licence Agreement will NOT be displayed.

Beer Screen

Tap on Beer Button.

Tap on one of the text boxes. Keypad will be displayed. Negative numbers are disabled. You can enter only digits and a decimal point.

Type in a price. All other text boxes will be updated with calculated prices.

Long press on any of the displayed units. A pop-up dialog will be displayed with three buttons.

Repeat the process described above and try each of the options. Back should clear out the dialog, 'Clear All' will clear out all text boxes, and 'Save To List' should save the entry into the List screen.

Type backspace until the last character is erased. When the last character is erased, confirm that all other text boxes are cleared out.

Long press on a displayed unit when the text box is empty. A dialog will display 'Price Not Available', tap OK.

Type in a decimal point. Although the decimal point is allowed, it is NOT a valid price. Long press on the price unit next to the decimal point. A dialog will display 'Price Not Available', tap OK.

Tap on Wine Button, and try some of the test cases listed above.

Tap on List Button. Count the listed items and check that there are 20 items listed. Then add a new entry to the list and confirm that the oldest entry is deleted.

Add several lines to the List. Completely shutdown the device and reboot. The list items should still be there (persistent storage in sqlite db).


Change the orientation of the device. The screen should maintain the values in the new orientation.

Change the orientation again. The screen should be repainted with the same values.